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Worlds biggest football carnival is just 2⃣0⃣5⃣days away🤘 presents you 2⃣0⃣5⃣ interesting and amazing trivias from the annals of worldcup history.😎

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World Cup update:The Complete list of teams qualified

Peru Edged out New Zealand 2:0 (2:0 aggregate) in the 2nd leg to to qualify for WC 2018

Peru became the 32nd and final team to qualify for the Russian World Cup 2018 by beating New Zealand in the 2nd of Qualifiers 
With only 210 days remaining for the World Cup,here is the complete list of 32 teams which qualified for the tournament:

1. Russia
2. Brazil
3. Iran
4. Japan
5. Mexico
6. Belgium
7. South Korea
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Germany
10. England
11. Spain
12. Nigeria
13. Costa Rica
14. Poland
15. Egypt
16. Iceland
17. Serbia
18. Portugal
19. France
20. Uruguay
21. Argentina
22. Colombia
23. Panama
24. Senegal
25. Morocco
26. Tunisia
27. Switzerland
28. Croatia
29. Sweden
30. Denmark
31. Australia
32. Peru

The World Cup Qualifying campaign was full of surprises and unpredictability . group hopes for a World Cup similarly unpredictable and full of surprises. The count down begins

Source = FIFA.Com


USA planning a World Cup reject tournament for teams who failed to Qualify

USA Might Host a World Cup reject Tournament

​U.S. Soccer are looking into the possibility of hosting a summer tournament for nations which failed to Qualify for the World Cup in Russia 2018

A series of qualifying shocks have seen the USMNT, Chile, Italy, Netherlands, Ghana and more all fail to qualify.

Obviously not everyone can reach the 32-team FIFA tournament but those nations were widely expected to reach the tournament in Russia.
It’s been confirmed by U.S. Soccer, who are working alongside MLS’s marketing team (US Soccer Marketing), that there are now plans for an alternative summer tournament.
The proposed tournament would take place ahead of the World Cup, which kicks off on 14th June.

Unfortunately, that only offers three weeks between the end of the European season, which culminates with the Champions League final on 26th May.

Italy Vs Sweden:Buffon breaks down as Italy fails to qualify for the 2018 World Cup

Buffon leaves the football pitch with a tear in his eyes

Buffon retired from International Football leaving the world heartbroken as Italy stumbles out of the 2018 World Cup failing to qualify in the crucial match against Sweden. The match came out as 0:0 and Sweden Qualifying with 0:1 in aggregate . The star studded Italy team failed miserably to score goals against Sweden as the 4 times World Cup winners fails to quality for a world cup for the First time after 1958

The Legendary international Career of Gianluigi Buffon which lasted for about 20 Years and 175 Apps comes to an end . Still,Buffon’s career ends with a charm as he have The World Cup Medal(2006,Germany) in his trophy cabinet. 

Buffon with the 2006 World Cup Trophy

Buffon in his post match reaction apologies to the Italy fans for not being able to qualify. Buffon demonstrated why he is one of the most respected players ever by applauding for Sweden’s national anthem despite the loud Boos from Italian fans . 

Buffon will remain in the hearts of every football fans of this generation even though he might not be there on the pitch

The Other Famous teams to miss out this World Cup are

  • Chile
  • USA
  • Ivory coast
  • Netherlands